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International Solutions

Complex supply chains? Space constraints?

Finding an international manufacturer that can produce a part to specifications is one thing. Additional key considerations can cause concerns:

  • Cost of inventory management and warehousing
  • Handling and cost of dunnage removal
  • Quality concerns with large lead times
  • Currency conversion complexity
  • Shipping container requirements and maximizing containers
  • Subassembly or part routing needs such as paint
  • Repackaging requirements for service and production
  • Communication complexity

We have more than five decades of experience successfully procuring products in international markets all over the world including China, India and Mexico. We've learned that the most successful projects begin with proactive planning. WCI has tackled a wide range of international sourcing issues from simply establishing safety stock to owning and managing parts routed through many special processes and increasing efficiency with assembly steps. At World Class Industries, we put all the pieces together for you.

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