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World Class Branding for W.D. Allen

W.D. Allen has always been a world-class organization and now it will bear the name World Class Industries. The company, with locations in Crystal Lake, IL (USA) and Worchester, UK, was acquired by World Class Industries in 2013. The complete suite of World Class Industries service offerings including vendor consolidation, order fulfillment, kitting and assembly are now available through these locations which have proven to be worthy of the World Class name. A rebranding effort is now taking place that will include replacement of all signage and materials as well as formal announcements to all customers, vendors, and partners.

According to World Class Industries President, Brent Cobb, there was a natural fit with W.D. Allen service offerings and those of World Class Industries, who provided the technology, processes, and experience to enable new levels of customer support.

"It was clear that with our help, W.D. Allen could provide much more value to existing clients. We've proven this over the last year and are excited to formally announce this facility is now an additional hub for all World Class Industries services," stated Cobb.

World Class Industries now has five U.S. locations and two international hubs in Germany and the United Kingdom. They have celebrated over 50 years of success in the industry.

Fast Fact

According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, statistical evidence suggests that companies with well-run supply chains continue to outperform those without. AMR Research notes the average total return of companies in their "Supply Chain Top 25" was 17.89%, compared with returns of 6.43% for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and 3.53% for companies in Standard & Poor's 500 Index. (cscmp.org)

All Wrapped Up

There are a number of production challenges associated with Hose/Tube installation, but WCI has solutions. Bottlenecks at installation stations are relieved when WCI pre-assembles the Hose/Tube bundles. Inventory overstock is eliminated and storage space opened up as WCI takes over the ordering and delivery, making sure that you receive only the parts you need when you need them.

By combining these solutions, and others, a partnership with World Class Industries will save you time and reduce cost. 

World Class Industries earns recognition as a John...


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Wednesday, 26 June 2019